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Anschutz RETRO Butt Plate 4762

Sales price: $305.00
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Manufacturer: Anschutz

Anschutz RETRO Butt Plate 4762

The Anschütz hook butt RETRO mod. 4762 is a very well-known accessory for rifle shooters. Due to the demand from shooters, we have revived it with new design in technique and material. This product is 100 % made in Germany and extremely strong and supreme in small and big bore shooting. Fine adjustment of the incline results in a perfect fit to the shoulder. A highlight is the new construction of the hook. It allows the pure sideways swap of the hook which results in a perfect positioning of the rear stock vertically underneath the shooter’s head. The essential advantage is shown at the moment of the shot: distinctly more control and a more constant diversion of the recoil of the rifle. The rubberized contact area offers best grip between shoulder and hook butt avoiding sliding. This simple but thought-out hook butt impresses by inter-coordinated materials, not only in appearance but also in function and practice.

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