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Jaggi Rifle Shooting Frames



Jaggi Shooting Frames and Accessories


- A wide range of accessories ensures optimum conditions for all shooters even with strong visual defects and under extreme light conditions in the range.

- The glasses can be used for rifle, pistol, and open sight shooting.  Adjustable lens holder has angle design for rifle and straight loop for pistol.

- Quick and easy change of lens frame - no tool needed.

- The square frame bar prevents the lens holder from unintentional movement while shooting.

- Eye blinder is adjustable and can be swiveled in and out of position as required.

- Comfortable ear holders prevent pressure and sliding.

- Nose bridge can be custom fitted and easily adjusted for height.

- Easy change and adjustment of lens frame by a knurled nut.

- Secured by specially designed cover

- Jaggi glasses come with glasses case: Your shooting glasses are well protected against damage in this hard case.  Has extra space for 5 filters, 2 lens holders, and other accessories.

NOTE: Complete Rifle or Pistol frames includes frames with one lens holder for rifle or pistol, movable eye-shade, adjustable nose piece and carry case.

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