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Freeland Universal Bipod


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Manufacturer: Freelands

The Freeland Regal Bipod stand is the best known stand in the shooting industry.  It is made of aluminum castings with a brown wrinkle finish and available with either the saddle head, zoom head, or swivel head assembly.  The saddle head is adaptable to most any scope, holding it in a clamp ring, while the zoom and swivel head is made for scopes with the "boss" mount 1/4" x 20 thread.  The Regal Bipod features quick adjustment for elevation and allows for full panoramic view.  It comes complete with one standard 5/8" x 21" steel extension, tools for adjustment, carry ball, pan-view collar, thread cap and the new friction washer system.  Weighs 4.5 pounds.  Saddle head is available in standard or large ring clamp.

-  The Zoom head works with scopes that have a rotating band.

-  The Swivel head works with scopes that do not have a rotating band.

- The Saddle head has many purposes including scopes with no mount points or damaged threads.


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