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Freeland Deluxe Off-Hand Stand


Manufacturer: Freelands

This is the finest off-hand stand ever made.  The off-hand stand uses the same adjustable/leveling tripod base as the scope stand.  It comes with an adjustable Position Master and a .22 cal. wooden cartridge block or a .177 cal. pellet box.  Adjusts from 23"-65" for standing position.  Made 100% in the USA.

- New Height Adjustable Rod!

- Flat Platform.

- Rest can now be placed at any height from 23" to 65".

- Heavy Duty Steel Rods!

- Height Adjustable Legs.

There is also an off-hand conversion unit to convert your tripod scope stand to an off-hand stand.  Contains a rifle rest, position master, and cartridge block.  The new height adjustable rod is designed for the bases with the 1 inch hole.  Use the adapter for 5/8 inch stands.

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